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A "field to fabric" responsible cotton delivery system.
We help you get there.  We make it easy.  Like it should be.

What We Do

5 LOC is your outsourced sustainable cotton manager

DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT your sustainable cotton strategy and story.

TRACE your cotton supply chain back to the SEED - no matter what identity program you use.

Put together a RESPONSIBLE cotton supply chain - and gather ALL the DATA to go along with it.

DEVELOP a supply chain FLEXIBLE enough to accommodate all your NEEDS and SUSTAINABILITY goals.

With 5 LOC as your Partner:

You will secure a consistent and dependable supply of responsible cotton for all your programs. In 5 Loc, you have a cotton expert who will start sourcing your cotton as soon as you begin your production process .

We give you the flexibility to tailor a cotton supply chain for each program, based on your SDG goals and preferred identity programs .

5 LOC will be your eyes on the supply chain, following your cotton through the process and gathering all the certifications and trusted data needed to meet your SDG goals .


With 5 LOC, you can share stories of your partner farmer efforts - as well as SDG data and certifications - with your customers.

The process is fully transparent, giving you insight into farming practices, content claims and pricing.

We work with farmers who are proactively using sustainable and regenerative practices .

5 LOC works with all identity cotton programs

Growers of:
+ Non-GMO Hybrid Cotton
+ Organic Cotton
+ Transitional Cotton
+ Regenerative Cotton


About Brent


Brent is a sustainable cotton strategist with unparalleled experience linking brands to the cotton industry.

The former Head of Fiber Development for Bayer, Brent is now a consultant to brands and farmers.

Brent was instrumental in the development of the global Certified FiberMax traceability program. He also developed and managed the e3 Sustainable Cotton Initiative.

With 37 years of experience in the plant science industry, Brent has focused on crop protection, product development and launch, seed production and the global textile supply chain.

Brent holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas A&M University and a Master of Agriculture degree in Plant Science from West Texas A&M University.  


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